Human Sundials

A Human Sundial or  Sunclock is an interactive horizontal sundial which uses a person's own shadow to tell the time.   It contains a Date Scale, where the "Human Gnomon" stands, and a series of Hour Points which are positioned along an ellipse.   Its setup varies, depending on location.

Although relatively new to Australia, Sunclocks have been popular in Europe and North America for some time.

Sunclocks can be created from a variety of materials chosen to blend in with the surrounding landscape.   Materials including rock, bricks, pavers, concrete or gravel are all ideal candidates.   Alternatively, Sunclocks can be painted directly onto concrete or any other hard surface.

If setting up a Sunclock in a grassed area, the components can be set just below the surface of the turf to facilitate ease of mowing.

A Sunclock will enhance any garden, making it both a focal point and a great conversation piece.   They are a great fun learning tool for students and an ideal addition to any school play ground.   Students learn about the rotation of the earth on its axis and also its orbit around the Sun.

Each Sunclock is unique to its particular location as its specifications are calculated to the exact Latitude and Longitude of its position.   We can arrange for a customised a set of layout plans for your location to be prepared for just $225.   They are prepared in pdf format so they can be emailed directly to you.

The area required for a Sunclock is a circular area 6 metres in diameter, on a flat level surface in a shade free area.

If you would like to learn more about Sunclocks, or order a customised set of plans calculated for your specific location, email us at .   Don't forget to include the name or location of your town or suburb.   Alternatively, call us on 613 5221 8083.
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